Pet Sitting

A staycation for your companions

It can be hard to leave your dog at home when you travel, but Dogs Run The Fox can make sure that their time flies while you’re away.

They will stay in the comfort of their own home with regular visits from their running buddy to get them out to the bathroom, make sure they have food and water, administer medication, entertain them with playtime and affection, and, of course, encorporate exercise into their day as well.

We are able to give your dog our undivided attention during our visit and entirely eliminate the stress of being kenneled with other dogs.

You’ll come home to a relaxed, happy dog thrilled to see you.

Pet sitting services for dogs work best with 30 minute visits three times a day, but this is completely flexible and up to you and your needs. We can also care for your cats’ needs and other small animals, if you like.