Frequently Asked Questions


At Dogs Run the Fox, we know your animal companions are your family. If you have any concerns that aren’t addressed here, please reach out!

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Do you have Evening or Weekend Availability?

Yes, both! We offer appointment times from 9:00 am until 7:00 pm seven days a week. Best of all, our rates stay the same no matter the day or time; no extra fees for weekends or evening hours!

What about Holidays?

We do our best to accommodate clients who have regular schedules that fall on holidays.

Can I meet my runner first?

Generally, yes. Brett not only helps you work out your schedule, he also does almost all of the running. In the case of illness or emergency, Monique might help substitute. You can find out more about our staff here: Meet the Team.

What if the Weather is bad?

Your pet’s health is our focus. We help your dogs get their exercise in rain, shine, or snow, but in the case of severe weather like lightning, dangerous heat index, or frigid temperatures, we modify any outdoor workout plans to keep your companions and our runners safe.

What happens if my pet gets injured or ill during a visit?

One of the nice things about choosing Dogs Run the Fox over traditional pet daycare is the amount of focused attention your dog will get and the relationship they build with their running buddy. If we spot anything unusual about their behavior during our visit, we’ll contact you right away. When you sign up for a visit with Dogs Run the Fox, we make sure we have all your veterinarian’s contact information, in case of emergency.

Are you insured?

Yes! We carry insurance through Kennel Pro. This protects you, your pets and property, as well as our runners.

will you bring in my packages and mail?

Absolutely! We are happy to bring in any packages or mail and put them safely inside your home.

Will my dog ever be Off Leash?

As long it is secure, we can let your dog run around off leash in their own backyard. During walks and runs, your dog will be on leash at all times, in compliance with local ordinances.

I have more than one dog. Can they run together?

Yes! We can safely run with two dogs at a time at no extra cost! Plus, dogs who are good friends are often great running buddies too. Sometimes different fitness levels make it better to offer seperate workouts. If that describes you, we recommend our longer visits to ensure each dog gets the attention they deserve. If you have three or more dogs, we can run or walk two together and then run seperately with the other(s).

My dog has behavioral issues and is sometimes aggressive. can we still be Clients?

Dogs Run the Fox is here for you! Reactive dogs often have anxiety issues that can be lessened with healthy cardio exercise. Most dogs LOVE having a running buddy, and we are willing to start working with any dog. There are some rare instances where it might wind up being better for both parties to not push the relationship.

What if I need to cancel?

No problem! You can call, text, or email us, or use our client portal to make adjustments to your schedule. We do ask for 48 hours notice for any cancellations.

Do you do behavioral training?

Dogs Run the Fox offers services that can be very helpful while training your dog, but we are not behavior specialists. To keep your dog’s handling consistent we reinforce the commands and behavior expectations you use and we can work with them on developing good on-leash manners, but we recommend consulting a specialist for behavioral training.

What forms of Payment do you Accept?

Our client portal gives you the choice to pay by credit card or Paypal and you can set up auto debit with us to save you time, but we also accept personal check or cash.