Daycare services in your home

Some dogs struggle both with being alone all day and with travelling to and spending the day at busy daycare facilities. Dogs Run The Fox would love to keep your best friend entertained when life keeps you busy elsewhere.

Home daycare reduces the chances of illness and accident, and allows your dog to stay in their own comfortable territory each day. And with exercise at the core of our business, we make sure that your dog gets a good healthy workout during our visit.

Daycare services can be short term or routine, and visits can be as long as you like. Families with puppies often like two or three quick check-ins during the day. Or, we can spend a longer time keeping your friend company.

A typical hour-long daycare visit includes a hearty hello and bathroom break, a 30 minute walk or run, food and water checks when we get home,15 minutes of brushing, petting, or playing with their toys, depending on their mood, and a final bathroom break before we say goodbye and lock up.

Best of all, because we are there just for your family, we give your dog 100% of our attention during our visit. We want them to get the personalized care they need to feel their best when you get back home to them.